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Latest Events in DBU

DBU signs an agreement to expand ICT infrastructure

Debre Birhan University signed an agreement with IE Network Solutions

providing for expanding a high level ICT infrastructure named supply and

Implementation of security, Campus LAN and VOIP today.

On the signing ceremony, Mr. Getachew Tefera, President of DBU, said

that the infrastructure which is to be installed helps the university achiev-

ing its goal of being a chosen University in the Country. As he told, the

first phase of the project costs over 35 million Birr.

Mr. Eyob Kebede, Director of ICT Directorate, on his behalf, disclosed

that the infrastructure would turn DBU into E- University by providing swift

and reliable multi-functional networking service.

According to Mr. Eyob, the new infrastructure which is to be completed

by the coming six months ensures network, email, web and office secur-

ities inaddition to protecting any cyber attack which is a current threat for

the whole world.

Combating the current network problem in the university, the new ICT

infrastructure also would help accelerating the interinstitutional network

based communications like Voice over IP services and others as Eyob


The infrustructre will also upgrade the video conferece services at all

levels, and become a center of excellence of ICT and Engineering stu-

dents in giving a practical classes at large.

Students get awareness to take active part in national


DBU students who attended the discussion held from september 21- 26/

2008 E.C on major national agendas said that they got awareness which

would help them take active part in the country’s development journey.

DBU discussed with students on the performance reports of GTP I &

the university’s 2007 plan and the introduction of GTP II and 2008 aca-

demic year plan. The concepts of Education Quality and Institutional trans-

formation are also the points of the discussion.

Among the students who attended the discussion, Lake Yeshi and

Ehitmaryam Getaneh told that they got a clear idea about the core

challenges of the development, good governance, peace and democracy

affairs in the country, and the ways how to combat them.

In addition, the students told that they got a prospect over the good

opportunities to deal with in the future, so they could build an appropriate

mental and psychological setup ahead.

Tamene Fetene, the other student who attended the discussion, on his

behalf, disclosed that he could learn how the country as well as DBU

is running on the track of change, got an insight that is still vacant pote-

ntial areas to create a job in for the young educated generation.

 DBU community discuss on Institutional and National


The community of Debre Birhan University discussed on the performance

evaluation of Growth and Transformation I and 2007 plan and other natio

nal agendas recently. The Growth and Transformation II and 2008 plan of

DBU was also discussed and agreed on. The discussion which was start-

ed on Thursday, September 6, 2008 has five main agendas which are

discussed and agreed on by the whole community.

Concerning the training, Mr. Getachew Tefera, President of DBU, said that

the community of the University has a vital role in the economic, social

and political affairs of the country. So, the discussion aimed at enabling

the community to take an active part in over all activities of

the country.

Mr. Alebachew Nigusie, chair person of DBU’s Executive Board, especially

while discussing with the academic & administrative staff today, the intell-

ectual group who are working in universities are in charge of creating

skilled new generation. According to Mr. Alebachew the current discussi-

ons introduce the community with major future responsibilities to do so.

Evaluation of GTP I & 2007 plan , Introduction of GTP II & 2008 plan,

Educational quality Assurance, implementation of transformational tools

(BPR, BSC, KAIZEN, Dev.t army building)  are among the main agen-

das discussed on.

The participants raised several questions on the reports presented and

principal ideas which are then replied by the responsible persons on

all levels.

Among the participants, some said that they got an insight on what is

done in advance to make DBU a chosen University. And they assured

that they will do their best to combat the shortages which are mention-

ed during the discussion.