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Welcome to Website of Debre Berhan Univeristy
Latest Events in DBU

Project launching workshops holds

Project launching workshops for a project entitled “Innovative approach for AYSRH: Online platforms for Behavioral Change “organized by Fana Addis Tiwild Ethiopia in collaboration with Save Your Holly Land Association with financial support of Youth Network for Sustainable Development was held at DBU PR hall on February 12,2018 G.C .The project would benefit the university students at DBU. read more...

DBU holds a Seminar on the Ankober Herbal Medicine Preparation and Biodiversity Conservation Project plan

DBU held a seminar on the Ankober Herbal Medicine Preparation and Biodiversity Conservation Project plan performance and the way forward on January 25, 2018 at PR hall.

 Dr.Asmare Melese, Research and Community Service Vice President Representative, made an opening speech. On his opening speech he said that Ethiopia is potentially rich in biodiversity but the country is not benefited from these resources in advance. read more...

AstroBus Ethiopia shares experience

AstroBus Ethiopia shared experience to Ethiopian Space Science Society Debre Berhan University Chapter, Hailemariam Mammo and Baso Secondary preparatory schools on October 19, 2017 G.C.The theme of the program was “stimulating the culture of scientific thinking in Ethiopia.”  read more...

DBU Research and Community Service Office hold discussion with expatriate staffs

Debre Berhan University research and community service urges expatriates to engage in research and community service activities on October 23, 2017. On the occasion, Dr.Almaz Afera, Research and Community Service Vice President, said that  read more...

DBU held 4th Cultural Symposium

The 4th National culture symposium was held at Debre Berhan University on May 6-7, 2017.The theme of symposium was “Preserving and knowing community’s culture for holistic development.”

On the occasion, Dr Almaz Afera,DBU Vice President for Research and Community service made a welcoming speech. She said that Ethiopia has long history and it is rich in diversified culture and ethnicity. The country was the first in development and it has its own liturgy and drawings along with fascinating natural and historical heritages. read more...

Awards given

Ministry of Education, Gender Affairs Directorate, awarded prizes to female students  who score high grades and their respected teachers who made them score better grades, and to DBU’s medium officials for the efforts they made in the year 2008 E.C. The prize was helpful to motivate the students to join Natural Science and Engineering streams. read more...

Training is delivered to Principals and Civic and Ethical Education Teachers

Debreberhan University College of law delivered training on anti-corruption law in collaboration with North Shoa Zone Anti-corruption Branch Office as of March 24-26, 2017 for three days. On the training the principals of secondary and preparatory schools and, Civics and Ethical Education teachers from North Shoa of Amhara Region and Oromia Special Zone would take part. read more...