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Latest Events in DBU

Debre Berhan University Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Health Institution

DBU Memorandum has been signed between DBU and 14 health centers and two

Hospitals to collaborate on January 15/2006 E.C.

The objective of the Memorandum is that the parties can collaborate in order to

increase the quality of health training in the university. It has been clearly defined in

document responsibilities and roles of the parties with regard to the collaboration

and coordination of program efforts to increase the exposure of students to a clinical

practice to ensure the quality of health training and increasing the quality of practical

attachment in giving students adequate exposure to clinical practice before they

graduate. Ato Solomon H/Meskel the Dean of Health Science Institute and Sisay

Mulugeta EDC member Focal person presented the challenges with possible solutions

and brief over view of Memorandum respectively. Then, discussion was held widely.

After discussion the Memorandum has been signed between DBU and health centers

including 2 hospitals. On the closing speech, Ato Getachew Tefera, the president of

DBU indicated that each health institute and practitioners have a responsibility to

help the trainees get quality health education that will enable them serve our people


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Debre Berhan University organizes Training

Debre Berhan University Mathematics department organized Training for mathematics

teachers who came from seven different schools on improving Mathematical skills and

concept of first cycle students in Northshoa zone for 5 days.

The trainees were 28 teachers from different districts in North shoa. And the trainers

were Dr. Temesgen Tibebu, coordinator, Inst. Tesfaye Tefera, Abushet Hailu, Seid Ali

and Atile Nega.

Dr. Temesgan Tibebu, the coordinator of the training, welcomed the trainees and revealed

the research process on mathematics subject from grade 1-4. The skills and concept

training were parts of the research.  The significance of the training was to scale up

teachers’ knowledge of teaching methodology from simple to difficult of in his key note

speech.The trainees who came from different schools have given suggestions and opinions

on the training. All of them thanked DBU for the valuable training of skills and concept

on mathematic subject and methodology of Grade 1-4 and also they promised to transfer

the knowledge and methodology for other teachers and to collaborate with Debre Berhan

University in the future.

Finally, Ato Azemeraw Ayehu, Community Service Directorate Director, explained that

the government gives consideration to science subjects for the innovation and adaption

of technology to contribute our country’s development of the final goals. So our university

has given knowledge based community service for primary and secondary schools teac-

hers, students, and the society as a whole on different thematic areas.

Finally, he thanked the department of mathematics, the trainers and trainees for their

participation in his closing speech.

  Foreign &public relation directorate

DBU College of Social Science & Humanities Organizes a Seminar

DBU, College of Social Science and Humanities, Conducted a Seminar

paper presentation on Traditional Mental Health System in Ethiopia.

On the occasion, Ato Aklilu Yirgu, the dean of social science and Hum-

anities College, made an opening remark. He thanked the participants,

presenters and the facilitators of the seminar. He also indicated that a

seminar is a way of getting and transferring knowledge and information

in academic institution. And then he underlined that this experience should

continue in our college in particular and in our university in general.

The paper presented focused on the historical background and nature of

mental health, and traditional and scientific views on mental health issues

by Bisrat Tekle and Kahessay W/Selassie respectively. After the presenta-

tion, discussion was held with the participants.

  Foreign &public relation directorate

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