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Latest Events in DBU

Debre Berhan University launched English Access MicroSholarship Program in Collaboration with U.S. Embassy

Debre Berhan University launched English Access MicroSholarship Program in Collaboration with U.S. Embassy on January 14, 2017. The launching ceremony was opened with the presence of U.S. Embassy Cultural Affairs delegates Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Wondimalem, students and their parents. With the hope of improving the students’ English language competence, 50 students selected from three General Secondary Schools in Debre Berhan has already started learning English language every Saturday. The program will last of two years.

Debre Berhan University Gender Directorate holds workshop

On the occasion, Dr. H/mariam Birke, DBU Academic Vice President made an opening remark, and he stated the purpose of the research and publication of research works. He explained that research and development are critical issues for accelerating mental and economic development in all the newly industrialized led countries. Moreover he described that the most serious difficulty for science and technology community is encountering a steady decline in research and publication. read more...

Debre Berhan University College of Natural and Computational Science Organizes Workshop

DBU College of Natural and Computational Science Organized workshop on curriculum validation in Master of Analytical Chemistry and Applied Microbiology on 05/5/2009 E.C.

On the occasion, Mr. Asmamaw Tesfaw (PhD), candidate in applied microbiology, presented the curriculum of Msc in Applied Microbiology. Dr. Amare Ayalew (PhD), presented the curriculum Masters of Science in Analytical Chemistry. read more...

Debre Berhan University Nursing Department Organizes Capping and Badging Ceremony

Mr. Tseganes Biable, Chief nurse of Debre Berhan Hospital, made an opening remarks. She explained that the responsibility of nurses is difficult but respectable. In her inspirational message, she congratulated the candidates who had capping and banging ceremony.
Dr. H/mariam Birke, DBU Academic Vice President, made an inspirational message related to the nurse professionals. read more...

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Science organizes research proposal defense

Besides, he said that every teacher expected to conduct a research, and today’s research proposals presentations are the parts of the mandates. So, he told the participants to participate actively.
The research proposals defense lasted for two days. After the presentation of each research proposal, there was a question and answer session which was moderated by Dr. Negash, facilitator of the discussion. read more...

1Million Birr project is launched for the competition of prospective Graduates

It was known that the main participants of the EED contest were the prospective graduates of engineering and business students.
The purpose of that program to launch 1million birr for 5 universities of prospective graduate project contest is to act on their talent ideas and energy to produce tomorrow’s leading firms. The yearlong competition will award a total of one million birr in prize to outstanding teams of students entrepreneurs who submitted a business plan that will meet the expectation of the organization for a new ventures from the selected Ethiopian colleges or universities. read more..