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The Mission of Debre Brihan University Engineering school:-

Impart quality education to meet the needs of profession and society and achieve excellence in teaching-learning and research.

Attract and develop talented and committed human resource and provide an environment conducive to innovation, creativity, team-spirit and entrepreneurial leadership.

Facilitate effective interactions among faculty and students and foster networking with industries, institutions and other stake-holders.

Practice and promote high standards of professional ethics, transparency and accountability.

Faculty and Staff

Even though Debre Brihan University established in 1999E.C, the Engineering school admitted its first students in 2002E.C with 20 students with Electrical engineering and 29 students with Civil Engineering. Now school is offering four undergraduate programs Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Construction Technology and Management. The school has 56 staff members including 1 woman and 6 workshop technicians. Minority group representation among faculty members includes Indians. As of December 2003 E.C. the school teaching staff includes:

The School commitment to marrying education with the creation of knowledge provides a fertile setting for research that has spawned a host of scientific breakthroughs and technological advances. Currently community Service and research team are running these missions.

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