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Institute of Education


It is known that Debre Birhan University is one of the thirteen universities which started simultaneously as a higher Education Institute in Ethiopia in the year 2006.


At the time when Debre Birhan University started its major function, it was the faculty of Education that started the teaching learning process enrolling 720 student teachers.


The faculty of education, currently named Institute of Education graduated, 1448 teachers for preparatory and high schools throughout the country for two times.


Currently the Institute of Education is engaged in capacity building for the university community in particular and for the surrounding society at large. Waiting for the decision from the Ministry of Education to begin the teachers training program in sequential mode, the following major capacity building activities are being carried out by the Institute of Education.


1. HDP /Higher Diploma Program

One of the concurrent trainings to be held in every academic year is HDP. Under this programme it is intended to train all DBU academic staff in high qualification in teaching profession. Accordingly, since the establishment of the university, the Institute of Education graduated 196 instructors in HDP for three times.


In this academic year all pedagogy instructors of the Institute having attended intensive training as HDP trainer by VSO volunteer for three weeks 8 hrs every day, they are training other 113 university instructors in HDP.


2. Modular Approach training

The new system of teaching learning process in Ethiopian Universities nowadays is modular approach. Accordingly, the instructors of education institute offered both short training (awareness work shop) on the what, why and how of the application and preparation of “modules” to be applied. In addition, the “modules” which are prepared by the respective departments edited by our instructors so as to bring the modules to the expected standard.



3. Continuous Assessment (CA) Active learning (AL) and Measurement and Evaluation (ME) Training


Debre Birhan University is known for its through application of continuous assessment to judge and evaluate the performance of students. Students in our University will be graded using 60% of their performance assessed continuously using different modalities.


In order to apply such method of assessment Education Institute Instructors are offering training in addition to active learning, student cantered teaching learning approach and Measurement and evaluation.


Accordingly, in every academic year especially newly assigned and employed DBU instructors get CA, AL and ME training before they start facilitating the teaching learning system in their respective classes. In this academic year we trained 95 DBU Instructors in the above mentioned pedagogical areas.


4. Community Service

The instructors of our institution are providing pedagogical Training for the surrounding community.


For instance, we trained 24 volunteer students of our university in teaching Methodology so that they could tutor high school students so as to make them effective in their national examination.


Besides, for elementary and high school 284 teachers of the surrounding, our instructors offered training regarding:

  • Ø Large class room management,
  • Ø Continuous Assessment and
  • Ø Conducting Action research.


5. ELIC /English language improvement center activities/


The following are activities that ELIC has achieved:


1. ELIC held its first meeting with all English Language. Teachers to choose coordinators and planned the whole activities of the academic year.

2. ELIC has conducted a need assessment survey and reacted to some needs accordingly.

3. ELIC’s Resource center is made ready and open to be used every day.

4. ELIC has registered its members of academic, supportive, students and some teachers from primary and secondary schools of the local woredas.

5. It has been presenting films /movies/ which is accompanied by discussion so that the watchers can integrate what they have listened through speaking to answer questions (by ELIC Mini-Media Committee).

6. It has been hosting a hot debate every week between different departments (by ELIC debate committee).

7. It has also been presenting a free talk and panel discussion (by ELIC Free-talk committee).

8. It has made a joint-cooperation with other clubs to welcome fresh man students.

9. It is still providing daily services to students and staff who access resources (by drop in monitor committed).

10. It has distributed some E-learning (BBC) learning and Learn to speak soft copies to different teachers and offices.

11. It has started to share experiences to local schools like Hailemariam Mamo preparatory school so that the school can establish its own center to facilitate language improvement.

12. Basic training like introduction to computer & Academic writing is being given to member students by students.

13. Made a relationship with DBU’s ICT Officer and installed a soft ware which helps to manage each of every student what he/she is doing or to help him get access he/she needs

14. The resource center has started lending books for member students for 15 days.


6. Office Supplies and Equipment


In all our activities, all our components such as practicum, HDP, and ELIC coordination offices are well furnished and equipped by office supplies and equipment which are funded by GEQIP (General Education Quality Improvement programe) we are thankful for our university administration and GEQIP for whose great effort and follow up without which it was unthinkable to be prosperous.