Road Map


Theme 1: Enhancing Productivity and Environmental Sustainability for Food Security and Poverty Alleviation
Sub-Theme 1: Crop Production, Protection, Productivity, and food security
Sub-Theme 2: Animal Production, health, Productivity, and food security
Sub-Theme 3: Food Sciences and Nutrition
Sub-Theme 4: Agribusiness, value additions, and value chain management
Sub-Theme 5: Sustainable Natural resource conservation and Utilization
Theme 2: Historical and Cultural Heritage Management for Sustainable Tourism Development
Sub-Theme 1: Identification, Development, promotion, and management of Natural and Cultural Heritages
Sub-Theme 2: Identification and Documentation of Archeological Sites
Sub-Theme 3: Reconstructing and establishing a Centre for Excellence in Medieval History of Ethiopia
Sub-Theme 4: Identifying, Developing and Utilizing Value Adding Indigenous Knowledge
Sub-Theme 5: Hospitality and Tourism Development and Management
Theme 3: Quality of education: Enhancing the Quality of Educational Processes, Leadership, and Infrastructure
Sub-Theme 1: Improving Quality of education

A. Educational systems and policies

B. Instructional Strategies and Technologies.

C. Educational Environment and Physical Resources.

D. Parental/Community Participation and partnership in Education

E. Improving Educational leadership

Sub-Theme 2: Quality of Indigenous, Adult and Non-Formal Education
Sub-Theme 3: Inclusiveness Strategies for Person with Disabilities
Sub-Theme 4: Behavior and Social Influence

• School guidance counseling & Career life,

• Risky behaviors, Mental health & Substance use,

• Psycho-social issues & Adaptation

Theme 4: Entrepreneurship, Business Management and Marketing for Sustainable Development: Priority Theme for Intervention

• Identification and documentation of investment and resource potentials, opportunities, challenges, and prospects of north Shewa zone.

• Leadership and change management

• Linking Tourism development and marketing with cultural and historical heritages

• Business Ethics and Corporate Governance

• Entrepreneurship, institutions, and competitiveness

• Improving the success and sustainability of SMEs

• Private sector development

• Public Administration and Development management

• Branding, standardizing, marketing and promotion of potential agricultural and industrial products in the zone

Theme 5: Building Human Security in North Shewa Zone
Emerging sub-priority areas
Sub-Theme 1: Enhancing community security in North Shewa Zone
Sub-Theme 2: Combating human trafficking in North Shewa Zone
Sub-Theme 3: Improving Good Governance Implementation
Sub-Theme 4: Conflict resolution, peace building and reconciliation
Sub-Theme 5: Human rights and access to justice
Sub-Theme 6: Corruption and Good governance
Sub-Theme 7: Administrative and Investment laws
Theme 6: Relevant Technology Adaptation, Development, and Transfer
Sub-Theme 1: Road and Traffic Engineering
Sub-Theme 2: Urban Planning and Land Information System
Sub-Theme 3: Process Design, Optimization, and Occupational Health and Safety Management
Sub-Theme 4: Industrial Waste Management
Sub-Theme 5: Resource Identification and Alternative Product Development
Sub-Theme 6: Renewable Energy Development and Smart grid
Theme 7: Emerging and Advanced Computing Technology
Research Areas

• Big Data and Business Intelligence

• Computer vision and Image Processing

• Natural Language Processing (NLP)

• Internet of Things (IOT)

• Data and Web Mining

• Soft Computing

• Cloud Computing and Information Security

• Green Computing

• Business Process Automation and Localization

Sub-Theme 1: Reproductive Health, Maternal, and Child Health
Sub-Theme 2: Nutrition and Nutritional Related Issues
Sub-Theme 3: Prevention and control of communicable and non-
Sub-Theme 4: Occupational Health, Safety and Risk Management
Sub-Theme 5: Biomedical and Biotechnology Research
Sub-Theme 6: Advances in Health Care Delivery System
Sub-Theme 7: Health and Medical Informatics for Healthy and Productive Society