College of Social Science & Humanities

Historical Background of College of Scocial Science and Humanities

Established in 2008, the College of Social Sciences & Humanities is one of the colleges of Debre Berhan University. The College aspires to produce graduates who are rich in knowledge, skills and attitudes and who are preferred by employers.

The College of Social Sciences & Humanities includes eight departments: Amharic Language & Literature, English Language & Literature, Geography & Environmental Studies, History & Heritage Management, Psychology, Sociology, Civics & Ethical Studies, and Journalism & Communications. Altogether, the departments provide educational program to more than 3400 undergraduate and postgraduate students enrolled in regular, summer and distance programs with 174 (138 Male and 36 Female) instructors. Besides, the college offers the majority of common courses provided to all Year I students.

The College of Social Sciences and Humanities take in self-expression, critical thinking, and academic inquisitiveness. In classrooms, in the field, and laboratories students are prepared for a variety of careers, and they are equipped to prosper in a changeable future.

In accordance with the new Research and Development Roadmap of Debre Berhan University, the college of social sciences and humanities has identified seven research areas under the general theme of environment, sustainable development and societal transformation. In line with this, seven research proposals are approved for the year 2022/23.

Among these, a project entitled ‘exploring indigenous knowledge system of Ethiopia in Shewa: the art of book making and manuscript scholarship’ is under implementation to collect, document and making indigenous knowledge and technologies convenient and accessible to users. To assist the tourism sector of the area, a project ‘tourism resource documentation and mapping by using web GIS technology for North Shewa Zone, Ethiopia’ is under operation. In addition, a new college flagship project ‘building personal development, historical and ethical values of youths towards nation building and development among youths in North Shewa’ is on due course. These projects are believed to solve different challenges of the community and contribute to the country’s development efforts.


Undergraduate programs


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