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Dear our website visitors,Debre Berhan University (DBU) is a public higher education institution established as an autonomous in 2007 by the decree no. 61/1999 E.C of the Council of Ministers of the FDRE. Since its establishment, DBU has been striving hard to achieve its triple mandates of producing efficient graduates by offering research assisted quality education, undertaking problem solving research on some selected thematic areas and offering community engagement training, consultancy service, transferring technology and undertaking innovations.
Presently, Debre Berhan University, in addition to the academic programs being offered on its main campus, has started providing training in its new campus, namely Asrat Woldeyes Health Science Campus located in Debre Berhan City Administration. Hakim Gizaw Memorial Teaching Hospital has also started carrying out its duty with modern technologies and facilities which enhance the medication process and treatment of patients. Minilik II Technology Institute and Mehal-Meda Highland Agriculture & Tourism Research center are under construction.

  • Nigus Tadese (PhD)
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