Communications Affairs Directorate 

Communications Affairs Directorate of Debre Berhan University is one of the Directorates established under the president’s office in order to enhance the implementation of the universities and policies of the government. The Directorate takes a lion’s share and plays a major role to fulfill the vision and mission Debre Berhan University in advertising the overall activities and building the good image of DBU through print and electronic media.

The Directorate also plays a vital role in making the overall activities of DBU succeeded, institutionalizing both domestic and foreign relationships, uplifting the acceptability and fame of DBU, building and publicizing the good images of DBU, insuring peaceful learning teaching process,, activating research works and insuring the benefit of the public. To hit the above targets, the mission, vision, values and structure of the Directorate is presented as follows.


Communications Affairs Directorate of DBU is to build quick, modern and expeditions Public Relation and Service of Information flow in order to prove DBU the best university by 2020.


Enhancing the endeavor of Debre Berhan University towards the production of skilled manpower, benefiting the public with problem solving research by strengthening its relationship with domestic and foreign higher education institutions and government and non -governmental organizations, and building its image in advance to make it a reliable university by its customers and stakeholders.


  • Shared vision
  • Quality Service
  • Attention to Cross- cutting issues  
  • Diversity
  • Professionalism
  • Effectiveness
  • Equality
  • Democracy
  • Advocacy
  • Honesty
  • Fairness
  • Independence
  • Locality
  • Expertise 


  • Promote main events and activities through electronic and print media to achieve the vision of  the university
  • Enhance image –building of the university 
  • Facilitate sound system and stage(hall)  to  the events (training, workshop, celebration …etc) for each colleges                                       
  • Facilitate  media and  arena (stage) for events
  • Make the public relation  modern and  give speedy  communication and information service  
  • Create partnership with stakeholders from inside and outside the country and make it institutionalized. 
  • Prepare communication strategy to give fast and effective communication service.
  • Implement the audio-visual documentation in advance
  • Carry out effective communication activities
  • Implement  the reform programs effectively
  • Make the documentation center contemporary
  • Create common consensus on the country’s policies and strategies including DBU plan and activities.
  • Disseminate current information to the stakeholders via DBU website.
  • Give prior attention for cross cutting issues, and promote their events.
  • Participate in organizing and conducting research in DBU.
  • Collect, organize and analyze opinions of stakeholders /customers in order to evaluate their satisfaction, and enable decision makers take appropriate measures..

Contact person:

1. Mr. Ahmed Mohammed

            Mobile Phone: 0912199317

            E-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

           Communications Affairs Directorate Director