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Teaching-Learning Core Business Process

The Ethiopian Higher Education system sees in its vision that higher education institutions are responsible for building a democratic system and good governance on the basis of public interest and participation well as producing competent and responsible citizens through research based higher education.


DBU has a vision to be one of the known universities in the middle income countries in the world in terms of higher education, research and social services which it offers.


In its mission DBU is committed to:

  • Producing competent citizens through offering quality and research-based higher education;
  • Providing community services and conducting research based on the interests of stakeholders (the society, the government, employers, NGOS);
  • Contributing its role in ensuring a democratic nation, good governance and the millennium development goals of the county;
  • Combating HIV/AIDS, supporting people with special needs and mainstreaming the issue of gender equality on and off the university’s campus.

The Learning-Teaching Core Business Process has established Colleges, Schools, an Institute and a Department offering programmers in different fields of study. The Colleges, Schools, the Institute and the Department are the following:

  • School of Computing Science
  • School of Engineering
  • School of Health Science
  • School of Postgraduate Studies
  • Institute of Education
  • College of Natural and Computational Science
  • College of Business and Economics
  • College of Agriculture and Natural Resource Science
  • College of Social Science and Humanities
  • Department of Distance and Continuing Education 

The Learning-Teaching Core Business Process persistently adheres to the implementation of quarterly-based course delivery system, active learning methods and continuous assessment in order to provide students with the opportunity to actively and effectively participate in learning-teaching activities, and thereby satisfy their ultimate educational needs and goals. In this regard, the academic staff of the university, through updating their knowledge and performance with broadband internet services of the university and with training offered by the university on active learning methods, continuous assessment and action research, make decisive professional endeavors to provide the students with required knowledge, skills and attitudinal change. 

The Learning-Teaching Core Business Process is now striving hard to introduce contemporary academic practices so as to bring about costumers and stakeholders satisfaction in line with vision and mission of the university.

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Fax- 0116812065

Debre-Berhan, Ethiopia