CPD provider office


Health professionals must maintain, update and enhance their knowledge, skills, and attitude to adequately deliver quality health care. This is particularly important due to a changing disease pattern in which diseases that had been eradicated are now reemerging, as well as an increase of non-communicable diseases. There is a need for CPD to maintain professional competence in an environment of numerous challenges, rapid organizational changes, information technology, increasing public expectations and demand for quality and greater accountability. CPD program is a new initiative in Ethiopia which requires the commitment and collaboration of different stakeholders (accreditors, CPD providers, ministry of health, regional health office and partners).  Debre Berhan University, institute of medicine and health science CPD center was established in December/2017 and is a corner stone to go one step forward for the institute.


Vision, Mission and Value of DBU, Institute of medicine and health science, CPD center  

  • To be one of the leading CPD providers  of Ethiopia by 2025


  • Meet agreed training quality requirements in  CPD course design and delivery
  • Develop and provide accredited CPD courses in accordance with relevant and approved CPD documents 
  • Assuring   quality health care delivery in various level of health institutions through maintaining up-to-date competency of health practitioners
  • Ensures trainings are need based and have right approaches in the design, development and   delivery process
  • Ensures timely planning, effective coordination, implementation and reporting.


  • Team working
  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Quality care
  • Professionalism
  • Professional ethics
  • Equity


Structure and staffing of DBU, IMHS, CPD Center

  • CPD Coordinator
  • CPD  office secretary
  • Panel of experts
  • IT officer
  • Training officer


Roles and responsibilities of DBU, IMHS, CPD Center

  1. Have program mission statement specifying major changes in competence, performance or patient outcome that will be the result of the program for review and accreditation
  2.  Complete an application form, and submit the required documentation and fees to the accreditor when requesting accreditation
  3. Submit each CPD course to an accreditor for review and accreditation three months before presenting the CPD activity
  4. Assign qualified panel of experts composed of content expertise, program experts, and instructional design experts Develop and provide accredited CPD courses.
  5.  Check before the course development, whether there  exists approved relevant CPD document in the area seeking to prepare  
  6.  Only one-course provider shall be accredited for one CPD course material with the same and course code unless it is nationally approved as national CPD courses
  7.  Meet agreed training quality requirements in course design and delivery
  8.  Document and avail internal monitoring and evaluation results and participant evaluation report of every CPD activity
  9.  Required to publicize the annual proposed activity together with its accreditation number and CEUs.