Computer Science Program

Educational Objectives and Competency Profile 

The primary objective of the program is to produce a high quality graduate with an entrepreneurial and problem-solving mindset. The specific objectives of the program are:

Educating and training students for the very dynamic and rapidly changing science and technology market.

Educating and training students to become life-long learners by providing them with a sound base in computer science, basic sciences as well as general education.

Motivating students to become innovators who can respond very positively to the challenges and opportunities presented by new ideas and technologies.

Laying a strong foundation for, and instilling confidence in students who may want to pursue post-graduate studies later in life.

Program Outcomes 

  • The program will produces a graduate who will be able to:
  • Have thorough understanding of theories, principles and methods in computer science;
  • Articulate & demonstrate effectively computer & transferable knowledge& skills on computer science practices, theories & principles;
  • Elicit user requirements for information system development;
  • Analyze, design, develop & maintain software’s (Application & System software)
  • Analyze, design, implement& administer computer networks
  • Analyze, design, develop& administer database systems.
  • Maintain & administer computer based information systems
  • Analyze, design, develop, maintain, and administer web based applications,
  • Apply the concept of professional practices and ethics
  • Assist, participate and contribute in research activities in the area of computer science
  • Design, analyze and implement computer algorithms 

Entry and Admission Requirements

Admission requirements would be similar to the general institutional requirements. That is, the student should complete preparatory level education and the entry point is determined accordingly by the Ministry of Education for the regular students whereas the admission criteria for distance and continuing education program are as per the University’s requirement.

Course of Study

As revised at national level the course of study of the Computer Science program is a four year program. And in this four years there are eight semesters i.e. two semesters per academic year.

Structure of the program

The program has for years with two semesters in each year. And each semester has 15 weeks of effective teaching learning, and one week for administering examinations.

Evaluation system

The overall student’s workload in ECTS credit point is 234, with an average of 29 ECTS/semester. The modules are categorized in to the following categories:

Field Specific Basic Sciences

Field Specific Specialization

Non Field Specific Subjects

Practice and Project