College of Agriculture & Natural Resource Science

Overview of the College                                      

The College of Agriculture and Natural Resource Sciences, was established in 2007/2008 academic year, with two under graduate programs; Department of Animal Science and Plant Science. This year, 2018, is 10th anniversary of the founding of our College. At this time we have; Agricultural Economics, Animal Science, Horticulture, Natural resource management and Plant science departments in under graduate programs and six post graduate programs (Agronomy, Animal Nutrition, Animal Production, Plant Protection, Soil Science and Soil and Water Conservation). In addition, we are doing need assessment, curriculum development and validation activities for different undergraduate (e.g. Agricultural Extension and Rural Development, Forestry, Veterinary Laboratory Technician, etc.) and graduate programs (e.g. Animal Breeding, Agro-forestry, Plant breeding, Horticulture, Wild life and Ecotourism, etc.).

Currently our college has over 800 students, 97 academic staffs, 18 administrative staffs and 9 technical assistants. In addition to teaching learning, we engaged in different research activities and community services which are reserved by the university in different agro ecological sites (Such as Ankober Herbal medicine preparation and biodiversity conservation project, Shewarobit Project and research center,  Debre meaza, Chacha and Metehbilla) to improve the livelihoods of nearby community. We also try to collaborate with local, regional, national and international organizations who are working in agricultural sector.  

Vision and Mission of the College


To be center of excellence for the University and College of choice among other Agricultural Colleges in the country by 2020.


  •  Producing competent graduates by providing research assisted quality education,
  •  Doing need based and problem solving researches and
  •  Providing community service based on the research outputs

Under graduate programs in the college

  •   Department of Agricultural Economics
  •   Department of Animal Science
  •   Department of Horticulture
  •   Department of Natural Resource Management
  •   Department of Plant Science

Graduate programs in the college

  •   MSc. in Animal Nutrition
  •   MSc. in Animal Production
  •   MSc. in Agronomy
  •   MSc. in Plant Protection
  •   MSc. in Soil Science
  •   MSc. in Soil Science and Water Conservation