Natural Resources Management department

 Agriculture in general and Natural Resources Management (NaRM) in particular is the backbone of our economy. Therefore, educated professional in the field of NaRM is crucial to develop our country in the few decades of the third millennium. The Department of Natural Resources Management was established in 2005 E.C and strived to create qualified and excellent Natural Resources Manager.


To become among the department of choice in teaching-learning, research, publications and community services in Ethiopia and contribute to the development of Ethiopia.


  • Producing highly qualified competent professionals in the field of NaRM by offering standard and research based higher education/training.
  • Providing demand-driven community services and produce problem solving research outputs through innovative and creative education, research and consultancy service for the benefit of the society/country.

Objective of the Department

  • To produce efficient graduates by offering research assisted education in Natural Resources Management that can promote agricultural productivity  towards food self-sufficiency
  • To undertake a problem solving research based on national need and benefiting the community with the outcome & advance knowledge in Natural Resources Management.
  • To render service to the society in general and particularly in areas related to Natural Resources Management.