Department of Horticulture


Agriculture in general and crop production in particular is the backbone of our economy. Therefore, educated professional in the field of Horticulture is crucial to develop our country in  the few decades of the third millennium. The Department of Horticulture was established in 2008 E.C and strived to create qualified and excellent horticulturalists

This programme is developed in response to the strong need and interest for horticulturalists and horticulture sector development in the country in general and in north shewa zone in particular. So , we believed that qualified and influential horticulturalists can develop the horticulture sector, thereby can break the might yolk of poverty burdened in our country.


The Department of Horticulture has the following objective

  • To produceefficient graduates by offering research assisted education in Horticulture that can promote agricultural productivity towards food self-sufficiency
  • To undertake a problem solving research based on national need and benefiting the community with the outcome & advance knowledge in Horticulture
  • To render service to the society in general and particularly in areas related to Horticulture


  • The mission of the department of Horticulture is to produce qualified and self employed professionals in the field of Horticulture through quality education both in theory and practical.


  • The vision of the department of Horticulture is to be center of excellence in producing human resource and knowledge in Horticulture.