Student Union

Background of Debre Berhan University student Union

Debre birhan university student union /DBUSU/ which was established while the university was opened in 1999 was given the name “Union” only after 2 years of its establishment in 2001. But before 2001, having so named the student ‘‘Council’’ permits students from different departments to came together and discuss their problems. From 2001 and onward, with a great deal of endeavor, the name “council” was just changed to “students union” and the leaders of the union were known to be play a pivotal role for the current existence of the union.

DBUSU is elected based on the presidential electoral system and a student can elect any one in whom she/he has confidence by the leadership capacity of the candidate and from whom he/she can drive any advantages because the elected candidate accountable for the students based on the democratic type of election, free from race, nation, religion and any other political institution. The candidate has the right of serving students up to 2years and the election is carried out every 2 years and the election process is student inclusive. This student union serves as a big bridge between students and the university management bodies. Besides this it tries minimizing any obstacles that impede the primary aim of students from being flourished.   

Objectives of the Union

  1. Preserve & Respect the rights & privileges of member of the Union.
  2. Create favorable environment b/n students & staff of university.
  3. Provide member students of union with quality education & training during their stay in the campus.
  4. Students, during their stay in the campus should know the constitutional rights & liberate and his/her obligation, too
  5. Create awareness for students about HIV/AIDS and Reproductive health.
  6. Protecting harassment that will face in female students.
  7. Allow students to have the culture of respection and helping each other, & to have national unity, makes students to have responsibilities and share their knowledge to other and after all to have a role in national issue.

   Executive Bodies of the Union

Debre Birhan University student union has sixteen executive bodies. Which are listed below?

  1. President of the union
  2. Vice president
  3. General secretary
  4. Association & clubs affair committee
  5. Dinning committee
  6. Acadamic affair committee
  7. Fund raiser committee
  8. Sport & reacreation affair committee
  9. Discipline committee
  10. Charity  affair committee
  11. Disabled affair committee
  12. Females affair committee
  13. Public relation affair committee
  14. Audit & Inspection
  15. Cashier
  16. Health affair committee

The union is run by seven/7/ executive bodies, b/c some members of the executive bodies were left due to graduated and after that the election process is not held till now.  

Debre Berhan University Student Union.