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General information about DBU Libraries

DebreBerhan University was established by proclamation No 351/1995 which was passed by the parliaments and its building was started in 1997 E.C.  As far as DBU Library service was concerned, initially, the students got service in one of the rooms which was given to the University by DebreBerhan Teacher Education and Vocational Training College. There were about 10,000 donated books by the Ministry of Education and the Amhara Development Association. Besides, the University created an opportunity for the students and teachers to use the college library, DebreBerhan Public Library and Mary Stops Library, and later on DebreBerhan University Library was started delivered services in its own building in1999 E.C.

The ultimate goals of DBU libraries are to support learning and teaching and research process conducted in the University. i.e.  is to provide access of information to support the objectives of its parent organization or the communities they serve. The library should be seen as an instrument of teaching alongside lecture and discussion methods and the librarian serves as a teacher, helping and guiding the students when they conduct research. This is achieved by acquiring materials, organizing them in a manner that permits easy access to their users and ensuring that such access is facilitated by helping and providing the necessary skills to the users on how to retrieve the required information.

Currently DBU Library’s has a stock of over 109,644 books and other documents. DBU Library was organized under the main Library and other branch libraries such as, Social Science Library, Law library, Postgraduate   and Females Library etc... Each Library avails full services including circulation, reference, Periodicals and documentation sections, thereby providing effective and efficient services. In addition, the libraries are expected to avail services for the users with special needs by providing resources, such as brail and other facilities. DBU Library is expected to have about 33,508 users (31,000 Students and 2,508 Academic i.e. Teachers 1317, Technical assistant 168 and foreign teachers 34/ and Administrative staff, 989).

1. Mission of the Library

Debre Berhan University Library serves and promotes the teaching, learning and research environment where information resources are made accessible for those who are engaged in the pursuit of knowledge and excellence in teaching, learning and research.

i.e. we are established to support learning, teaching and research process

This will be achieved through:

  • Selecting and acquiring relevant library materials, organize and provide access to information resources in print and electronic formats.
  • Providing facilities and services to all Library users.
  • Meeting instructional and research needs of the University’s community of Library users.
  • Providing information literacy training to all Library users and encourage self-reliance in selection and use of information resources.

2. Number of Libraries,Collections and seating capacity

DBU libraries have made a very good progress in increasing both the quality and quantity of its collection. The seating capacity of one main library and four branch libraries is 3478 at a time. According to the latest inventory, its present collection excluding periodicals is about 109,644 volumes of books and documents of different subjects. The Library is using open system and Library of congress classification system/LCC/.

In order to meet its objectives and easy access, DBU Library has organized its collection in one main library and four branch libraries attached to different Colleges of the library.

These are:



Name of the library

Collection Number

Seating capacity

at a time


Tesfa Gebreselassie Library  




Kebede Michael Library




Females library 




Law library




Post graduate library




Brail Library








For more Information Contact 

Simon W/Agegnehu W/Giorgis 

(Director of Debre Berhan University libraries)

Debre Berhan,Ethiopia 

Phone: 0911839612

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.