Debre Berhan University, Office of Students’ Academic Record Center is responsible for

  • admission,

  • registration,

  • record keeping,

and academic status determination,

  • add/drop cases,

  • certification of graduates,

  • awarding of degrees, and so on.

The entire activities are performed with the help of Student Information Management System (SIMS) software.



Undergraduate programs

  • Admissions and/or placements to all regular undergraduate programs are processed through the Ministry of Education.
  • Criteria of admissions and enrollments into all undergraduate (and graduate) continuing and distance education programs shall be developed by the academic units concerned in consultation with the offices of Continuing and Distance Education (CDE) and  approved by the Admissions and Placement Committee (APC).
  • Admission to undergraduate programs shall be based on the completion of the preparatory secondary education and obtaining of the necessary pass mark in University Entrance Examination, and the equivalence established by the Ministry/Higher Education Relevance and Quality Assurance Agency for foreign students.
  • Admissions and enrollments to all programs are processed by the University Students’ Academic Record Center in consultation with the academic units concerned. 

Graduate programs

  • Admission to graduate programs shall be based on merits demanded by the academic units for the program. However, to fulfill the goal set for the expansion of higher education, the University shall give priority to candidates from public higher education institutions. Accordingly, the University shall plan, negotiate and decide upon the admission of students to its graduate programs jointly with the Ministry.
  • The minimum intake of a graduate program shall be five students. However, the optimum (minimum and maximum) number of students in the different graduate programs shall be determined by the respective DGC/SGC/ taking into consideration the number of staff, availability of space and demand for training and Approved by the Concerned body